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Cleaning solution for Fog and Snow machines
Antari C-300 is a cleaning solution that you can use to clean and maintain Antari fog and snow machines. Using it properly and regularly can give you the best performance and the longest lifetime of products. Learn More
Wireless Remote for  Z800MK2, B100WR, B200...
Wireless remote for Antari fog machines:&nbsp;<span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: Arial, Helvetica, ... Learn More
Antari Fog Machine: Z800 MkII with Z-10 Remote
Portable Fogger Z-800MkII is a cutting-edge fog machine designed by Antari is aimed to meet the demands of mobility and portability. ... Learn More
Was : $459.00/ea
Now : $344.00/ea
Antari M7 Pro Smoke Machine with RGBA LED's
The new high power Antari M7... Learn More
Was : $1,449.00/ea
Now : $1,298.99/ea
Antari M8 Pro Smoke Machine: 50,000Cu/ft per min
M-8 is a total breakthrough in fog machine technologyfrom Antari - 50,000 cu ft per minute output from an 1800W heater unit. The M-Series / Stage Fog Machine M-8 is the new member of ... Learn More
Antari Fog Machine, 1.2Kw, Incl Z9 Timer Remote
The Antari Z1200MkII dominates the Z-Series Fog machine range with the high performance output. It is equipped with the ECO thermal control system and patented Antari UNICORE heater t... Learn More
Was : $1,199.00/ea
Now : $948.99/ea
Antari Fire Training Smoke Machine, 1.5Kw, RED
The new FT-100 is the first ... Learn More
Antari IP66 Fire Training Smoke Machine, 3Kw, RED
Antari FT-200 Fire training fog machine is water resistant, has large easy to use controls and huge smoke output. This one has 200% the output of the FT-100 and is IP 33 rated <strong... Learn More
Antari F7 SMAZER with WDMX included
Designed for large venue use... Learn More
Antari 'ICE Fogger' Low Fog / Dry Ice Simulator
Looking for the Dry Ice effect from a fog machine? &nbsp;the Antari ICE-101 has an integrated chiller and smoke machine for exactly this purpose. Fill the ice compartment with normal ... Learn More
Was : $1,749.00/ea
Now : $1,598.99/ea
Mobile fogger, rechargeable 75W fog machine
The M-1 Mobile Fog Machine is developed especially for photographers to use on location and have found work in theatrical and cinematic applications. Last ones! &nbsp; This Mobile f... Learn More
Was : $1,199.00
Now : $799.01
WIFI-800 Antari Fog Machine
Worlds 1st SmartPhone controlled fog machine: Antari WiFi800. With an app for apple and Android y... Learn More
Antari IP1000: IP63, Splash proof, 1Kw fog machine
ALL SOLD OUT.&nbsp; &nbsp;Once again through Antaris experience and technical know-how an innovative idea has been brought to reality. Antari is pleased to introduce the very latest i... Learn More
Was : $799.00
Now : $398.99
Antari IP1500: IP63 rated 1.5Kw fog machine
Antari&#39;s experience and technical know-how bring an innovative idea to reality. Antari is pleased to introduce the professional version of its latest technical advance - the IP-1500 1500W fog machine with 20,0... Learn More
Antari Special Effects Fan - 3 speed wind effect / blower
Special effects fan with a powerful 1HP motor and 3 selectable speeds. Can be used as a wind effect, or to blow smoke and fog, &quot;snow&quot; or bubbles higher and further than they would otherwise travel. Desig... Learn More
Was : $1,700.00/ea
Now : $799.25/ea
Timer Remote for Z800MK2,  Z1000MK2, B100X
Wired remote for the Z800, Z1000 foggers and the B100X / WR Bubble machines. Has a 8 metre cable length (not the 30cm one in the photo!) Learn More