Modular chassis for wireless microphone and other expansion modules, repeater, receiver, Bluetooth, digital recorders and players. Supplied with power supply - you select the appropriate modules.  The applications are wide and varied - including as a dual wireless microphone receiver, Bluetooth reception, MP3 playback, wireless repeater and audio coverage over a wide area.

You can configure this with wireless microphone receivers or repeater receivers and transmitters to make a wireless audio link or other useful configurations

The modular wireless receivers are multi-channel  PLL (Phase Lock Loop) and come programmed with legal NZ wireless frequencies. A choice of 100 channel IrDA and 16 channel available. In addition options like wireless repeater transmitter, digital recorder and player, and Bluetooth receiver modules are also availableThe modules all feature LCD and LED displays to indicate volume control, channel setting, and automatic frequency scanning, play mode etc.

The case design is rack mountable in industry standard equipment racks and cabinets. Another world class industry leading innovation from Chiayo Electronics - Simple installation and ideal for concerts, public broadcasting, large area outdoor PA coverage, outdoor activities and entertainment venues. The modular concept also reduces the number of cables required so improves the overall aesthetics of your installation.

You choose the required modules - 5000 series
System specifications
Model QR-2000N
Channels 2
Receiver module SDR-5100M IRDA, SDR-5116M
Transmitter module RP-5016M
MP3 module DPR-500M, DP-500M
Bluetooth module BT-500m
Chassis half-rack (metal)
Dimensions (W*D*H, mm) 200*220*44


Dual Wireless Module Chassis (5000 series)

  • Product Code: QR-2000N
  • U.O.M: ea
  • Price: $260.00 (GST Excl.)

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