Video Walls and LED Screens

LED Videowall

Giant LED screens in eye-catching high resolution -P2.5   

Deliver dramatic displays that no one will walk past!

Use LED screens and digital signage to make an impression in your store window, office foyer or at your next event. 

The individual LED panels can be combined to create any shape or dimension you need and flown using rigging or a truss, or ground supported. 

LED video walls are used for:

  • Events and Trade Shows: LED screens will run all types of content. Video walls are used to create an inspirational entrance, on stage and around the room. Your imagination really is the only limit! 
  • Retail Stores and Malls: digital signage to communicate advertising or location-specific information
  • Hospitality: share menus, daily specials and information
  • For Entertainment: show live TV at corporate and community events
  • Schools, Hospitals, Churches and Offices: keep your community, clients, staff and students informed with LED screens in public areas
  • AV Hire Companies: provide the latest and greatest to your clients

Edwards' offer:

  • The highest resolution screens (P2.5mm - the lower the better!) meaning viewing distance is not an issue - from 2 metres away the display will look stunning
  • 24/7 operation
  • 16:9 displays, or design your own in 600mm blocks
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Popular sizes are roughly 1.8 x 3.2, 2.4 x 3.6 meter, 3 x 4.8 meter, 4 x 6 meter but you could make a 1.8 x 30 meter screen or 2.4 x 21 for example 

Discuss what you want to achieve with our team and we'll advise you on size and quantity.

Want to hire or buy a giant LED screen or video wall?

No problem - our hire team will be happy to help with the equipment and the technical support.


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