School Paging Systems

2n audio over ip lan network


School paging systems - emergency lockdown, bell system, general paging and public address sound

Public Address, Automatic bell system, Live announcements, and Emergency Paging.   

Using your existing network to connect speakers you get bell, voice, paging, music and/or pre-recorded messages from anywhere and can trigger pre-recorded announcements through your PA system from an alarm activation, a press-button, or PIR. 

Particularly suited for school paging and bell systems, it is very flexible and can even be used to modernise part of your Soundcraft PA (if the speakers are still working) and easily connects with your VOIP phone system.

The installation is simple - you don't need to get audio cables or 100v line connections to where you need the speakers -we use your network. Also utilised in military and large industrial complexes to get critical audio to hard to reach places as it is stable and secure.

Easy to install, cost effective, high quality sound and reliable technology. Lockdown the entire campus in emergency and coordinate resources.

More Information:

You can read some school case studies here: Sunnyhills PrimaryRichmond Road PrimaryRoscommon School and Pinehill School

School looking to support emergency procedures? Download the flyer

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View our most recent install below at Tamatea Primary School:

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