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Antari S100X Snow Machine
Antari S100X Snow Machine with new improved PCB and pump system. The S100X and S200X are more reliable and generate 50% more "snow" output than the previous models S100MkII and S200.  They both crea... Learn More
Antari Snow Machine: Ultra quiet silent operation
Silent Snow Machine the Antari S200X with new improved PCB and pump system. The S200X is more reliable and generate 50% more "snow" output than the previous models S200MkII.  It creates both realist... Learn More
Antari S500 High Output Snow Machine
The latest snow machine from Antari, the S-500 has a 20 litre tank and comes complete in a road case with wheels. The nozzle has a 10 metre hose so can go on truss or on a stand. The output can be adjusted from a ... Learn More
Was : $2,499.00/ea
Now : $2,399.00/ea
Antari High Output Snow Machine with Wireless Remote
If you are looking for a snow machine with wireless control and capable of generating a higher volume of snow output? The Antari SW-250 is your best option in high output snow machine... Learn More
Bubble Machine, with Double Bubble Wheel
A high output good quality bubble machine. 1 x "Double-bubble" wheel produces an abundance of continuous streaming bubbles. Easy refill liquid tank & hanging bracket inc... Learn More
Was : $249.00/ea
Now : $218.99/ea
Bubble Machine, High Output- Wireless remote incl.
High output good quality bubble machine with wireless remote. 1 x "Double-bubble" wheel produces an abundance of continuous streaming bubbles. Easy refill liquid tank &... Learn More
Was : $329.00/ea
Now : $299.00/ea
DMX / manual control stage fan, adjustable angle, metal
Antari Effect fan for theatrical wind effects - movies, productions, theatre... It is an all-purpose stage fan with 4 control options. linear output, low power, compact, adjustable angle and metal housing (durable... Learn More
Was : $775.00/ea
Now : $397.90/ea
Antari Special Effects Fan - 3 speed wind effect / blower
Special effects fan with a powerful 1HP motor and 3 selectable speeds. Can be used as a wind effect, or to blow smoke and fog, "snow" or bubbles higher and further than they would otherwise travel. Desig... Learn More
Was : $1,700.00/ea
Now : $799.25/ea
Snow / Foam Machine Liquid - 5 Ltr Container
5 ltr bottle of high quality Snow/ Foam liquid. Has drying agent in it so wont be as wet as some on your floor! Learn More
$25.99/5 Lt
Snow / Foam Machine Liquid: 20 ltr Container
Bulk container of Snow / Foam fluid. Learn More
Concentrate for Foam/Snow Juice - 20 litre Bottle
Snow liquid concentrate in a 20 litre bottle - this pic shows the standard 20 litre bottle, but it looks pretty much the same as this. Comes in a 20 litre bottle and you simply add it to 265 litres of clean water to ma... Learn More
Bubble Juice: 2 Litre Bottle Bubble Liquid
Bubble juice in bulk for your Bubble Machine. Learn More
Bubble Juice: 20 Litre Bottle Bubble Liquid
20ltr container of high quality Bubble liquid for your bubble machine. Learn More
Bubble Juice: 5 Litre Bottle Bubble Liquid
5ltr bottle of high quality Bubble Fluid Learn More
Antari S-100, S200, SW250 Snow Machine Remote
Antari remote for Snow machines - S100, S200 and SW250 with 8 metre cable, 4 pin XLR, for on /off and volume output Learn More
Cleaning solution for Fog and Snow machines
Antari C-300 is a cleaning solution that you can use to clean and maintain Antari fog and snow machines. Using it properly and regularly can give you the best performance and the longest lifetime of products. Learn More
Wireless Remote for B100-WR
Amaze your friends and impress girls with the wireless remote control for Antari B100x Bubble machines. Comes with the B100WR and B200 bubble machines - available as a spare part here when someone takes the origin... Learn More
Was : $99.00/ea
Now : $79.01/ea

FLUID TRAY for B100 Code: C02067

Spare fluid tray for bubble machine - fits the B100 or B100WR (Wireless bubble machine). Just a replacement tray - no work fitting it, just goes in. Learn More
Timer Remote for Z800MK2,  Z1000MK2, B100X
Wired remote for the Z800, Z1000 foggers and the B100X / WR Bubble machines. Has a 8 metre cable length (not the 30cm one in the photo!) Learn More