Hearing Aid Loops are used in buildings where sound systems are also installed.

People with a hearing disability who use a hearing aid can tune into the audio loop provided that their hearing aid has a telecoil. Most hearing aids sold in NZ have a +Telecoil. A hearing (audio) loop is simply a copper induction loop laid under the floor or in the walls of a room and is connected to a special amplifier which is connected to the main sound amplifier. Eg church or hall sound system, cinema sound system etc. People inside this electromagnetic loop can pick up the sound directly with no background noise which helps cure amplified reverberation and background noise in public places, lecture theatres, airports etc - the T selection on the hearing aid picks up the sound and delivers the audio directly from the hearing loop to you.

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Hearing Aid Loop Amplifier - 240W @ 10A/600 sqm
Hearing Loop Amplifier - 240 watt amplifier for induction hearing aid loops installed in the floor or ceiling of a venue. Up to 600 m2 can be covered per amplifier. This enables hearing-aid users in the area enclo... Learn More