FOCUS 505 Portable Sound System

The Chiayo Focus Portable sound system operates on mains power and/or built-in rechargeable batteries. These portable sound systems are a complete audio system and we have options with wireless microphone receivers,and MP3 / CD player,digital recorder to record meeting sound, wedding or funeral etc.  Great for both speech and music.

A microphone input, aux in, aux out, and an extension speaker output for connecting additional speakers or active speakers are also provided for.

These are competitively priced, fully featured professional portable sound systems - probably the best compact portable sound system for wireless microphones in the world easily covering a moderate group of people - say about 50-150 people.

The sound quality is superb with hi-fi characteristics 50Hz - 20kHz with the very low distortion figures so we can confidently say these are the best sounding portable PA system in their class in NZ.

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