LED illuminated dance floors are suitable for night club, hotel, corporate events, trade shows (for attracting attention), weddings, parties and in residential settings. You can even park a car on it!

The Edwards LED illuminated dance floor is unique: (available in any size from 3x3 meter to 8x8 meter square, or in rectangle designs for catwalks etc )

Easy to set up and pack down

Easy to set up and pack down:

The panels connect magnetically meaning that anyone can set it up quickly and easily! There is minimal wiring required. Pack it all into roadcases for storage or transportation.


It comes with built-in sound active or pre-programmed light-up sequences that can be customised for your event. Use your logo, a greeting or chose a colour scheme to match your event theme.

Simple to operate:

Operates via DMX control, a laptop and Madrix or similar user-friendly software for amazing "sound to light", or a DJ can link the digital dance floor to their own DMX controller.


Rest assured that it is as tough as they come with tempered glass capable of supporting a car at trade shows! There are no gaps between tiles to trap heels and the IP65 waterproof surface means spilled drinks aren’t an issue. Just enjoy the party!

Toughened glass and IP65 waterproof surface


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