DAS Audio Speakers

Edwards is the New Zealand distributor for DAS Audio, one of the world's leading manufacturers of speakers and sound reinforcement systems.

40 years in pro audio and sound means DAS is recognized for its quality products, customer service and extensive line-up of products trusted wherever reliability and sound quality are requisite. DAS Audio manufacture speakers in Spain that are perfect for NZ entertainment, restaurant, school halls, theatre, nightclub and bar sound as well as some of the best outdoor stadium and concert venue line array speaker systems in the world.

Come and see the new Aero-40A and the Event line array system and the other DAS Speakers in our Auckland Demo Room. 

DAS Audio Line Array systems and DAS Audio speakers are are used all over the world and are installed in dozens of venues and used at NZ events every day.


Edwards' Case Studies

Good Home Bar, Auckland - Artec

Rainbow's End - Event Line Array

Garrison Bar, Auckland


International Case Studies 

Nightclub installation in Austria - Sound Force

Church install in California - Event Series

Music Festival in Guatemala - Aero Series 2

Venue installation in New Orleans - Artec and Vantec 



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Video: watch our DAS Audio Playlist   - the manufacturer's trade secrets!

Call us to discuss your requirements, or drop by to listen for yourself. We can help with design ideas and advice and come up with a solution for your budget.

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Sound Force 12" 3 way Mid High Speaker
The SF-112 is a three-way system designed for high level dance clubs. Two large format fiberglass horns comprising the mid and high frequency sections dominate the front of the cabinet. Crisp, articulat... Learn More
Sound Force dual 15" Mid Bass Passive Speaker
The SF-215 is a bass-mid system comprising twin 15inch neodymium loudspeakers mounted is a band-pass enclosure. The SF-215 provides the punch and definition needed for todays dance music. The SF-215 can be stack... Learn More
Sound Force 2 x 2Kw dual 21" Low Frequency Speaker
The SF-221 is a twin 21inch subwoofer system designed to provide high levels of low frequency energy. The loudspeakers, equipped with 6inch voice coils, highly effective heat dissipation schemes, and an... Learn More
Sound Force single 30" Active 7500w Sub woofer
The SF-30A makes use of an innovative and unique transducer based on the patented M-Force® moving magnet linear motor structure. Unparalleled performance in terms of power handling, electromagnetic conversio... Learn More
DAS Vantec Active 12", 2 way, 1500W speaker
The Vantec series can be installed in halls for music and voice, used as powerful portable Band and DJ PA systems and for rental. Built-in Bluetooth makes connecting and linking the speakers completely wireless!... Learn More
DAS Vantec Active 15", 1500W, 2 way, Class D, speaker
The Vantec 15A is a powered portable system with a multi-angle enclosure that permits stage monitor applications as well as a compact P.A. system, with bluetooth receiver for music streaming built in. <di... Learn More
DAS Vantec 2x15", 2250 Wpeak, Class D, 3way speaker
Vantec 215A is equipped with twin 15F woofers for applications requiring higher SPL overall and a more powerful bass response, such as mobile DJ&acute;s, live performances or any type of event that needs the add... Learn More
DAS Vantec 18", 2000 Wpeak, Class D Active subwoofer
The Vantec 18A is a powered subwoofer system designed to provide extended bass response for the Vantec full-range cabinets. &nbsp; &ndash; Powered subwoofer system&nbsp; <div... Learn More
Powered, 2x3400 Wcontinuous, 2x21" ground-stacked
The UX-221A makes use of two 21inch loudspeakers with impressive specifications. The 21UXN loudspeakers are equipped with 6inch voice coils, a remarkable 60 mm peak-to-peak excu... Learn More
DAS D10 Power Amplifier - 2 x 750 W @ 4 Ohms
- Stereo Amplifier - 1150 W + 1150 W at 2O - Class AB bipolar topology - Stereo/Bridged/Parallel Operation The D-10 amplifier uses a modern Class AB bipolar design delivering the cleanest sound available coupled w... Learn More
DAS D20 Power Amplifier - 2 x 1150 W @ 4 Ohms
- Stereo Amplifier - 2100 W + 2100 W at 2 ohm - Class AB bipolar topology - Stereo/Bridged/Parallel Operation The D-20 amplifier offers greater output power than the D-10. Its modern Class AB bipolar design delive... Learn More
DAS 4-Channel 2800W Class-D SMPS Power Amplifier
The D-100 is a lightweight, high-power switch mode amplifier designed to the highest standards of reliability and sound quality. Developed for the touring market, the switch mode pow... Learn More
DAS Artec 510 400W 2-way, Music speaker system
The new DAS Artec 510 speaker is a quality masterpiece from DAS Audio. For general PA and corporate hire use on speaker stands to wall mounted speaker in large school hall, conference... Learn More
D.A.S. Artec 15" Powered subwoofer system
– Powered subwoofer system – High output 15? loudspeaker – Loop Thru connections – Filtered ouput defeat switch – Variable LPF range 100-138 Hz The Artec S15A is a powered subwoofer system designed to provi... Learn More
DAS Active 8A Ultra Compact Line Array Module
The new Aero 8A was designed to provide audio professionals with exceptional line array performance from an ultra-compact enclosure. Measuring only 24.5 x 52.6 x 35.5 cm (9.6 x 20.7 x 14 in), the easy to handle un... Learn More
Aero12A Compact Active Linearray speaker
The Aero 12A compact line array system joins the Aero Series2 family of professional sound touring products. The system incorporates an impressive battery of high tech features that take compact line array systems... Learn More
DAS Aero-40A 3 way 2000w Active Line Array Element
The Aero 40A is a 3-way powered line array system which incorporates connectivity for remote monitoring and control - it is arguably the most advanced speaker system currently in New ... Learn More
DAS 2 x 18" Active Subwoofer, 2400W, 142dB Peak SPL
D.A.S. Audio has launched its new LX-218 bass-reflex subwoofer system. The LX-218 high efficiency system is designed to provide outstanding performance in terms of output power (142 dB peak SPL), bandwidth extensi... Learn More