Whangarei Church Powers Up

Whangarei Church Powers Up

Audiences at the Salvation Army’s new Whangarei Church are currently being blown away by the performance of their new DAS Event 26A sound system.

Daily services featuring choirs and brass bands have gone to a whole new level in terms of audio quality. The technical manager, who has been supporting the six hundred seater church for years, is in his element with the new line array system to play with.

Eric Adams from Soundcave, a Whangarei based audio-visual and home automation company, is the man responsible for the sensational new set up. As part of a wider project of new building works, Soundcave designed, supplied and installed new audio, lighting, control and visual systems to aid in more varied and modern worship and to enhance engagement with the wider local community.

A customer of Edwards for over a decade, he spotted the unmissable DAS Audio promotion, “The offer from Edwards and DAS was just too good to overlook. It meant that for the same budget the church could have a sound system many times more powerful than originally specified.”

Eric passed the deal on in its entirety to the church, and they leapt at the opportunity. Both the Architect and Project Manager were astounded by the price point, and subsequently by the impact that the line array system had on the church auditorium’s audio.

The DAS Event 26A line array sound system was the perfect solution, offering both very simple, non-technical day-to-day operation and also more advanced, full worship band capabilities, all in keeping with the auditorium’s aesthetics. The feedback from this busy church has been overwhelmingly positive, and the system is adding a whole new dimension to daily worship and to events benefitting the wider local community.

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