Bodypack wireless radio microphone transmitter pack and lapel microphone. 100 channel UHF -compatible with the SDR-8100m module for Stage Pro, Challenger, Focus and QR-4000/2000N, and also the IrDA Standalone receiver units. Another world class industry leading innovation from Chiayo Electronics in Taiwan.

You can connect one of the headset mic options - UM-31A or the MC-72, 76 etc instead of the lapel mic. Comes supplied with the MC-156 lavaliere capsule as standard but you can upgrade to MC-15 or MC-36 if different characteristices are required


  • 100 factory preset user-selectable UHF frequencies from 600-900MHz per 25MHz bandwidth.
  • Patented IrDA technology for 2-way data transfer between transmitter and receiver.
  • ±40 KHz peak deviation.
  • Pilotone Control.
  • Rotary switch channel selector.
  • Low current consumption.
  • Up to 16 hours of operation with 2 AA Alkaline batteries.
  • 4-pin Min-XLR connector.
  • A choice of various lavalier or Headset microphones.
  • MT and GT gain controls for beltpack microphones.
  • Matching battery charger: HC-37
100 Channel wireless mic with IrDA, LCD and MC156x
Model SM-6100 IrDA
Frequency Range  UHF 624-650 MHz
Switching Bandwidth  25 MHz
Switchable Frequency  100
2-way synchronization Yes
RF Power Output  < 35mW**
Spurious Emission  > 60 dB below carrier
Dynamic Range  > 110 dB
Display Screen  LED
T.H.D  < 0.5%
Peak Deviation  ± 40 KHz
Antenna  1/4 wave, whip antenna
Battery Type  AA*2
Operating Life (Alkaline)  16 hours
Charging Function  Yes
Battery charger  HC-37
Connector  4-pin mini XLR type
Dimension (mm, LxWxH)  100*66*24
Microphone iuput Lavalier/headset microphone
Weight (g)  94


Wireless Microphone Bodypack SM6100 624Mhz LCD

  • Product Code: SM-6100-IRDA(624)
  • U.O.M: ea
  • Price: $346.96 (GST Excl.)

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