A Headset microphone with exceptional sound quality and comfort in a tan coloured, lightweight and almost invisible design.

The tiny 3.5mm capsule is discrete, sounds fantastic and is almost invisible to the audience - Four different connector styles provide compatibility with most wireless microphone systems, just specify which microphone transmitter brand you are using and we'll make sure the correct cable is included.

We have cables available for Chiayo, Shure, Mipro, TOA, AKG and Sennheiser wireless microphone systems to name a few. The connection cables simply screw into the microphone frame and can be ordered as spare parts if you want to use the headset microphone with more than one brand of transmitter.

Lightweight, Omnidirectional, Headset Microphone - Tan

Lightweight, professional, tan-coloured headset microphone with interchangeable cable system.


  • UM-31A-CH Headset with Chiayo TA4Fcable and connector
  • UM-31A-SH Headset with Shure TA4F cable and connector
  • UM-31A-AK Headset with AKG TA3F cable and connector
  • UM-31A-SE Headset with Sennheiser TRS cable and connector


  • UM-CH Replacement Cable 1.2mtr with Chiayo TA4F connector
  • UM-SH Replacement Cable 1.2mtr with Shure TA4F connector
  • UM-AK Replacement Cable 1.2mtr with AKG TA3F connector
  • UM-SE Replacement Cable 1.2mtr with TRS mini-jack connector


Lightweight Headset Microphone with cable - Beige

  • Price: $173.04 (GST Excl.)

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