The Fitness Audio SM-716 UHF Wireless System features a belt pack transmitter made for fitness instructors. It is a simply made case - no hinges or flaps, no external antennas to get broken off and only one on/off switch.
16 switchable channels with more than 8 channels compatible for multiple room or dual channel systems, 9V Battery powered and the circuit board inside is protected from sweat damage by a coating of an Australian designed corrosion inhibiting lacquer.
This is the best you can get for handling the sweat! We recommend that it be used by instructors in one of our Aeromic waist worn pouchbelts or arm pouches. We also deliver it with a dab of our Fitness Audio® eGloop electrical grease in the panel plug and on the battery tags to prevent corrosion for 2 years or more. 
Replacement transmitters in NZ are generally supplied in the 650-670Mhz range.
650MHz Wireless Microphone Beltpack Transmitter

Group fitness instruction and gym use where performance & reliability are a must - This is the only wireless microphone transmitter in the world to be built exclusively for the Fitness Industry with the military grade sweat resistance treatment.


Model SM-716
Frequency Range  UHF 520-864 MHz
Switching Bandwidth  20 MHz
Switchable Frequency  16
2-way synchronization No
RF Power Output  < 35mW**
Spurious Emission  > 60 dB below carrier
Dynamic Range  > 110 dB
T.H.D  < 0.5%
Peak Deviation  ± 40 KHz
Antenna  internal
Battery Type  9V x 1
Connector  4-pin mini XLR type
Dimension (mm, LxWxH)  106*66*24
Microphone input Lavalier/headset (EMic, Aeromic and CycleMic) microphone
Weight (g)  97

The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
** The output power may vary from country to country.

Fitness Audio Wireless Mic Beltpack Transmitter 16ch

  • Product Code: SM716-650
  • U.O.M: ea
  • Price: $338.26 (GST Excl.)

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