The MT-U8 mini transmitter attached to an E-Mic and with UHF wireless receiver - complete package ready to go.

The new Fitness Audio Mini Transmitter System comprises our SDR5716 Antenna Diversity Receiver and the MT-U8, our 8-channel mini transmitter, connected to an EMic microphone, either on the frame or just cable connected - the choice is yours. The Mini Transmitter is supplied with two black battery covers. You can also purchase Orange, Red, Yellow & Blue battery covers to correspond with mics used in particular studios. It is powered by one AAA battery for 5 hours airtime, use either Alkaline, Lithium or NiMH rechargeable batteries. The circuit board is coated with the anti-corrosion lacquer that's exclusive to Fitness Audio and there are no exposed switches so the transmitter is protected against sweat.

FLEXIBILITY is our catchword. Choose your EMic colour: Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Green or the standard Black and we'll connect it to the Mini Tx to best suit your purpose, whether that is on the headframe, OR at the end of the cable for use with an AMA waist pouch belt or ArmPouch. Our EMic microphone is recommended for teaching gentler Exercise classes such as Dry Aqua, Yoga and Pilates, Circuit, Core Stability, and at all types of Dance Studios and classes.

What's in the box? As well as the transmitter, receiver and DC power supply we've included a rack-mount kit for installing the receiver into equipment racks, a pair of antenna extension cables so you can mount the two antennas out front on the rack-mount wings, and we've also included a 1m Balanced Cable - an XLR-F connector to a TRS 6.35mm-jack plug to hook to our mixers getting the benefit of a full-bodied voice via the balanced connection. Nobody else offers all this in the one box so when you buy an EMic and Fitness Audio combination you'll absolutely get the best sound possible going into the Aeromix 2+2 Mixer.

Used all over New Zealand these are versatile and run on 1 x AAA battery . A completely sealed sweat-protected microphone system.  

The wireless system operates on 650~675MHz which is legal for use anywhere in New Zealand and Australia.

E Mic with Mini Wireless Transmitter and Receiver
Versatility best describes the MT-U8. It can be worn as a headworn, armband, or waistband transmitter - we have it pictured attached to an E-Mic, but you can have it on a cable if that suits you better.   Specially designed O Ring seals, marine grade laquered circuit board, a sealed push button ‘on/off’ switch all set this transmitter in a class by itself for Fitness and Dance Instruction. An 8 channel frequency agile system gives you the flexibility to operate in difficult wireless areas.

E-Mic Headset + Mini MT-U8 Wireless Mic Package

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