Pack of 5 replacement foam ball windscreen / windsock for E-Mic headset microphones.

EMics use windscreens. Windscreens (otherwise known as pop filters) need to be replaced on a regular basis and each instructor should use their own windscreen on the club's EMic for obvious health reasons. 

They can also be used with various other headmics such as those from Samson and other brands. Windscreens soften the 'plosive' vocal sounds and keep the wind out of the microphone if used outdoors.

Whether you call them foam balls, pop filters, mic tips, wind socks, mic protectors or even fluffy balls - These are what you need to make microphone use more hygienic and protect your microphone capsule. 

These don't fit the Aeromic - those are available here.

The windscreen will fit other brands of microphones (the mic cover will stretch a little), but check that it isn't too big and will just fall off, or require taping in place if you are not using it for an E-Mic. The dimensions of the microphone cover -40x20mm, 5mm hole

WindSock, Grill, microphone cover -40x20mm, 5mm hole

Pack of 5 replacement mic foam ball windscreens -40x20mm, 5mm hole

Black foam windscreens for E-mic headsets, 5 pk

  • Product Code: MS04-5
  • Price: $37.50 (GST Excl.)

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