Wireless lapel microphone transmitter (supplied with tie clip mic) compatible across the Chiayo wireless microphone range - including Coach 400, Focus 505, Challenger and Stage Pro Portable sound systems as well as the SDR-5016 and Smart PA systems and receivers.

It comes complete with a clip on lavaliere microphone but can also be used with our E-Mic and UM-31A headsets and many other headset microphones. This wireless microphone transmitter is a high quality, very reliable, multi-channel UHF wireless microphone on legal NZ frequencies. They operate on the UHF band for longer range and better quality audio. If you do have radio interference you can switch to another channel.


  • 16 factory preset user-selectable UHF frequencies from 600-900MHz per 20MHz bandwidth.
  • ±40 KHz peak deviation.
  • Pilotone Control.
  • Very low spurious emission passed the stringent CE & FCC regulations.
  • Low current consumption.
  • Up to 16 hours of operation with 2 AA Alkaline batteries.
  • 4-pin Min-XLR connector.
  • A choice of various lavalier or Headset microphones.
  • MT and GT gain controls for beltpack microphones.
  • Matching battery charger: HC-30, HC-37
16Ch Wireless radio lapel microphone

Clips on your belt, comes supplied with a lapel mic, but is also compatible with our EMic, Aeromic, Shure WH20 headset mics and the Headset microphone (UM-31A). This beltpack wireless microphone transmitter is compatible with our Chiayo Focus 505, Coach 400, Smart 300 and chiayo Challenger 1000 Portable PA systems, and also our SDR5016 wireless microphone receiver units. High quality, reliable wireless microphones on legal NZ wireless microphone frequencies they operate on the UHF band for longer range and better quality audio. If you do run into interference these are 16 channel so you can find a clear channel easily.

Model SM-5016
Frequency Range  UHF 600-900 MHz
Switching Bandwidth  20 MHz
Switchable Frequency  16
2-way synchronization No
RF Power Output  < 35mW**
Spurious Emission  > 60 dB below carrier
Dynamic Range  > 110 dB
Display Screen  LCD
T.H.D  < 0.5%
Peak Deviation  ± 40 KHz
Antenna  1/4 wave, whip antenna
Battery Type  AA*2
Operating Life (Alkaline)  16 hours
Charging Function  Yes
Battery charger  HC-30, HC-37
Connector  4-pin mini XLR type
Dimension (mm, LxWxH)  100*66*24
Microphone iuput Lavalier/headset microphone
Weight (g)  97


Beltpack Wireless Mic Transmitter 650-670Mhz

  • Product Code: SM5016(650)
  • U.O.M: ea
  • Price: $260.00 (GST Excl.)

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