Fenix Aluminium front loading lifting tower. AT-04B (Black colour). Max. height: 5m. Max. load: 200kg.

The automatic leg locking system allows the outriggers to anchor easily in the correct place, doing away with old and uncomfortable safety pin rings.
Safety pins stop the load from falling down. You can select different tower heights safely by raising the bars equally, this distributes the load evenly from the main bar to the last bar. Ultimately this prolongs the towers lifetime and increases its stability.
The location of the bubble level at the base helps you to stabilise the tower easily and accurately

A ‘Ring’ is included on the AT and HERCULES Series towers to enable additional support cables or straps to be tied directly to the tower, increasing tower safety.
Included on the AT and HERCULES Series towers to move the tower vertically and horizontally. This also protects the cable and the winch during transportation.
Included on the AT and HERCULES Series towers to allow tranporting the tower horizontally.
Winch: Our winches are manufactured by industry leading companies. They are resistant and durable as well as oversized for additional safety and better cable pull.
Safety pendulum: All frontal loading lift towers include an internal safety system that automatically blocks the tower if a sudden drop is detected, e.g. if the cable broke or was cut.
Safety pins: Allow selecting different tower heights safely by raising the bars equally.

Maximum height: 5m
Height folded: 1,59m
Maximum load: 200kg
Minimum charge: 25kg
Material: Aluminium AL Si 6082 / T6
Workspace: 1,45 x 1,49m
Closed base area: 0,58 x 0,48m
Weight: 93kg
Winch: AL-KO 501 Plus 500kg
Cable: Galvanized steel under EN 12385-4.
Maximum cable load: 2.000kg
Cable twisting resistance : 1.770N/mm²
Cable diameter: 6mm
Cable composition: 7x19+0
Security system: Inner pendulum and external trigger in sections.
Leg attachment: Safety pins
Bubble level: to vertically adjust the tower.

Product Video (different model)

5.10m max, 200kg max load, Loads from ground

Aluminium front-loading speaker tower. 5M

  • Product Code: AT-04
  • Price: $5,995.00 (GST Excl.)

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