Smoke Juice - Fog Machine Liquid: 5 Litre Bottle

Price : $58.99/Btl

Buy Smoke Juice - Fog Machine Liquid: 5 Litre Bottle (FL5) online from Edwards Auckland, or Contact Us to enquire and see hire options. Visit us in penrose to test and see all our Smoke and Effect Fluid and other products.

Detailed Description

High density Smoke Juice for all fog and smoke machines


5 ltr bottle of high quality, water-based Fog Fluid. Suitable for all fog & smoke machines. Water-based fog liquids are typically used by today’s fog machine industry. It is essential to understand that fog machines and liquids are designed as systems. Specific liquid formulas require a specific temperature range for optimum vaporization process through the heat exchanger. If a machine is calibrated at a relatively lower temperature to the boiling point of an unknown liquid it can cause incomplete vaporization thus result in "wet" fog. High humidity fog leaves residue, and it damages surrounding equipment. Vice versa, if the temperature is too high, the liquid can burn or decompose its ingredients, which might change its chemical composition, consequently producing harmful fog. Therefore, in order to produce the driest and safest fog, it is extremely vital to choose correct fog liquid which is designed specifically for certain fog machines and make fog liquid work at correct temperature. Fog is often believed to be safe to be inhaled or contacted. However, exposure to long term close contact to fog produced by low quality fog liquid may cause allergenic sensitivity on the skin or respiratory problems. As fog machines are widely used in all entertainment related fields such as live concerts or indoor clubs, significant amount of fog are inhaled by performers and audiences. Thus why the quality & purity of fog play an important role produced from fog machines with good-quality heaters. In addition, the fog produced should be eco-friendly and entirely non-toxic & biodegradable. As for any unused portion, the liquid can be stored up to 3 years in a closed container in cool, dry area out of direct sunlight. However, it is preferable to use your fog juice as soon as possible when opened and close the cap tightly after use.

Used For

High quality smoke fluid (heavy fog formula). Perfect for all smoke and fog machines and intended for use in theatre shows/ events/ clubs/ dj and for hire companies etc. Will not void your warranties on machines like the cheap stuff! Blended locally by Edwards Sound in NZ.
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