Haze Liquid for Haze Machines: 5ltr bottle

Price : $119.00/5 Lt

Buy Haze Liquid for Haze Machines: 5ltr bottle (HZL5) online from Edwards Auckland, or Contact Us to enquire and see hire options. Visit us in penrose to test and see all our Smoke and Effect Fluid and other products.

Detailed Description

Fluid suitable for Antari Hazers. Oil based.


HZL-5 is a non-toxic haze machine liquid solution that produces a pure translucent haze with an extremely long hang time and low moisture content. Colorless, odorless and non-flammable, HZL-1 and HZL-5 leave no residues or contamination, complies with the strictest health and safety regulations, and is formulated to extend the life-span of your hazer.

Used For

Don't mix it with the water based fluid or you have quite a mess to clean out of your tank!

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