Antari Special Effects Fan - 3 speed wind effect / blower

Was : $1,700.00/ea
Now : $799.25/ea

Buy Antari Special Effects Fan - 3 speed wind effect / blower (AF-5) online from Edwards Auckland, or Contact Us to enquire and see hire options. Visit us in penrose to test and see all our Snow and Bubble Machines and other products.

Detailed Description

High Quality 1HP DMX controllable wind effect


Special effects fan with a powerful 1HP motor and 3 selectable speeds. Can be used as a wind effect, or to blow smoke and fog, "snow" or bubbles higher and further than they would otherwise travel. Designed for the film and movie production industry, stage shows and concert productions, rental companies... On board DMX (1 channel) Model with wireless remote also fitted AF-5R DMX control overrides the wireless if wireless is fitted to the machine (and DMX overrides the manual control setting).

Watch the video:

Antari Special Effects Fan

Used For

Special wind effects or blow snow, foam, fog, smoke and bubbles higher and further. 3 speed blower with onboard DMX or manual control. Powerful 1HP Motor Dims (mm): 530Lx470Wx490H Vent: 454 x 153mm Weight: 17.5kg 3 Fan speeds Adjustable wind angle Optional Wireless (see AF-5R)