Antari 'ICE Fogger' Low Fog / Dry Ice Simulator

Was : $1,749.00/ea
Now : $1,598.99/ea

Buy Antari 'ICE Fogger' Low Fog / Dry Ice Simulator (ICE101) online from Edwards Auckland, or Contact Us to enquire and see hire options. Visit us in penrose to test and see all our Smoke / Haze Machines and other products.

Detailed Description

Dry Ice machine type effect- chills the fog and it hangs low


Looking for the Dry Ice effect from a fog machine?  the Antari ICE-101 has an integrated chiller and smoke machine for exactly this purpose. Fill the ice compartment with normal ice or dry ice & the result is a low lying fog that spills forth & hugs the ground just like real dry ice but without the potential harmful effects of dry ice. 10Kg of ice can last up to 12hrs or 80 mins continuous use - perfect for events, stage, themed parties or party effects. Drainage tap to release the water, includes remote, 10,000 cu.ft/min,2.5ltr fluid tank.

Also available for Hire.

Watch the videos:

Official Antari ICE-101 video

Edwards demo room video

Used For

Dry Ice effect from a "nearly" regular Fogger. Full DMX on-board means 100% control and the timer remote puts that the same control in the palm of your hand. The drainage pump can be activated manually or set to automatic for optimum convenience. The unit is very easy to operate and wholly self-contained therefore it is the most economical way to create heavy ankle-deep fog for many applications. N.B. As with all fog / smoke machines the fog does eventually condense and can make smooth and shiny surfaces slippery and even leave a watermark after hours of use so safest used on carpet, rough surfaces and outdoors, or short duration over stages and dance floors.

Dry Ice, fog machine, antari
Dry Ice effect from a fog machine, antari