Video Mixers and Switchers

Video Mixers and Switchers


Video Mixers and Switchers

Want to mix multiple video sources into one or more master outputs? Edwards have everything that you need. We can simply hire out the gear, show you how it is done or take control of your event and run the show for you. See our catalogue for current models.


New to Video Mixing?

For those of you who are new to all this, vision mixers are typically used for live events, or any event where multiple sources need to be mixed in real-time (as opposed to post-production editing). Vision mixers can also be used to create various visual effects, from simple mixes and wipes between sources to advanced composite effects.

The Edwards Hire Team can discuss your needs, determine what you need and if required the “Men in Black” can run your event.


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We are a bricks and mortar outfit with a showroom in Penrose, Auckland so come on in and meet us, or call to speak to one of our Account Managers.

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