Tech Support for Any Event

Tech Support for Any Event

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Edwards offers a professional, highly experienced technical support service tailored for every event. Be it face to face, hybrid or a remote streamed, we ensure that your presenters, entertainers and guests can all focus on enjoying the event while blissfully unaware of the hi-tech systems that are ensuring the event can be seen, heard, and recorded without a hitch.

All of the technical side of things sat with Edwards with support from our inhouse digital team who managed the DOC website side of things. We knew it was really important to let the technical people ‘talk tech’. We couldn’t believe how smoothly it went. One speaker on a panel session couldn’t get their audio to work and Edwards just sorted them out. For attendees who had connectivity issues or simply were not available to join the livestream event, we recorded it and connected them to it later.” - Julie Kidd, DOC 

Our commitment

We will:

  • Thoroughly scope your event: you will be assigned an Account Manager who will work with you to plan your event down to the last detail and lock it into our booking system.
  • Offer a demo at our showroom or a run through in our studio: for face to face events we can invite you to our showroom and you can see, hear and experience different sound, projection and light shows to inform your decision. For hybrid and virtual events, you can hire our studio to host your event, or visit us to see how we run a streamed scenario.
  • Cover all the pre-production: for virtual and hybrid events, we will liaise with all your presenters, panel members and MC to ensure that their internet connection, audio and video will work on the day.
  • Prepare everything: we will coordinate access times and details with your venue, making a lot of behind the scenes adjustments to ensure your event runs smoothly.
  • Stay safe: we have strict procedures that all of our staff follow, and we can bring our own 'safe' event' equipment including thermal sensors, disinfectant foggers, UV sterilisers for mics, and contactless hand sanitiser.
  • Check, check and check again: Edwards’ staff are perfectionists. All the equipment is collated, tested and packed carefully with every cable and accessory exactly as required on the equipment list.
  • Set up everything: all the gear, and pre-event rehearsals for all face-to-face events.  
  • Be invisible: our experienced operator(s) will run the show, making sure that your microphones are working, the MC and presenters are at ease, presentations run smoothly and any individual speakers or entertainers’ special requests are met.
  • Pack down everything: you can head home to put your feet up whilst we pack away the gear or clear up the studio!
  • Record the event: want to share your event or use it for promotion or training? We can record your event, post-edit, and make it available for you to share with those who were unable to attend.

All Auckland and Upper North Island

You can come to our professional studio, we can come to a venue that has the infrastructure in place, or we can plan and build a suitable studio from scratch for private venues or locations.

We can support your function at any venue in the Upper North Island and Auckland, often beating a venue’s “in-house” audio-visual hire service on price and results.

Please contact us for a quotation for your event.

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