College and High School Balls

College and High School Balls

Looking to make the magic happen for your school ball this year?

Edwards work with schools using hotel and conference venues across Auckland, and with schools wanting to transform their own facilities into a themed extravaganza.

No matter your budget, Edwards will support your organising committee to create an unforgettable evening. Our event managers understand the importance of the ball in a school's social calendar and we will work with you to ensure that it is a magical night to remember.

We can provide:

  • Themed lighting for the entrance way and venue itself, indoor and outdoor.
  • Special effects including Co2 jets, spark, bubble, snow, dry ice, haze and fog machines.
  • LED screens and video walls.
  • LED dance floor.
  • Live video streams - to screens or social media.
  • Video memories of the event
  • Pro sound systems and microphones, for a band or DJ.
  • Staging, rigging, pipe and drape.
  • Technical support on the big night.

Plus ideas - we work on all types of events, all year round. Our account managers will work within your budget to ensure your students get a high school prom just like in the movies!

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