Paging & Public Address

Paging & Public Address

Public Address (PA) / Paging Systems

Edwards offer an audio-over-IP public address system that uses your existing LAN, WAN or the web to distribute high quality sound, with no limits on distance.


Key advantages of Audio-over-IP Paging/PA Systems:

  • Flexible: Seamless integration into existing networks including legacy analog wiring
  • Cost-effective: lower installation, implementation and maintenance costs
  • Scalable: broadcast to an unlimited number of intercoms and paging stations – locally, multi-site or regionally
  • Simple to manage: software based zone management and event scheduling that can be remotely controlled
  • Comprehensive: use for all your communication needs - live or pre-recorded voice paging, alert sounds or bells, play advertising or Internet radio, connect VOIP or SIP phones for two-way communication, link to security systems
  • Accessible: trigger pre-recorded events from an alarm activation, a press button or PIR (passive infrared) motion sensors or make announcements via phone or mic at multiple locations.

Audio-over-IP Paging Systems are ideal for:

  • Organisations that need to disseminate information, locate staff and handle emergencies safely, via an efficient, flexible and robust paging system that provides instant notification to the relevant personnel or customer.
  • Organisations that need large-scale paging across multiple facilities or complex inter-building distribution.

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