Full Event Production Service

Full Event Production Service

First time streaming? Or do you just need a hand with your next face to face event?

Trust your event - live, remote, or a combination (that's ‘Hybrid’) to the team that can manage the physical and the virtual, and add the human touch to both. A hybrid event is a trade show, conference, seminar, workshop, AGM or other meeting that combines a live in-person event with a virtual online component, and potentially smaller in-person satellite events all over the city, country, or the planet.


We offer: 


We’ve been Live Streaming events since the 2010’s and managing the live and remote presentations behind the scenes. There is no doubt that things have now changed – some pundits say the live streaming technology and platform choice has been pushed 6 years into the future in just 6 months, and we’ve been riding that wave, saving our customers from having to keep on top of the changes.



  • Supportive and understanding Account Managers and Producers to help you make your event a success, physical or virtual
  • Ideas to get you started - with advice on everything from registrations and setup to collating feedback
  • Highly skilled Technical Mangers, Video Graphics, Producers and Audio technicians to work with you and your technical team to ensure slick production and a secure and reliable feed for streaming
  • Our Personable Technicians work with your MC, speakers and other participants before and during the event, be they online or in-person.



Your face-to-face event is covered plus -

  • Streaming options – all platforms supported, including popular meeting platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and social platforms such as Facebook Live and YouTube, as well as professional quality streaming platforms for high quality digital content.
  • Format options – panels, Q&A, moderated messaging, social media
  • Video production – pre-recording presentations, producing the livestream event, directing Q&As and panels
  • Digital platforms to generate income for event organisers and your sponsors and exhibitors
  • Collation of viewing statistics and feedback from audience participant
  • Dedicated centrally located facilities
  • Fully equipped studio
  • All the audio-visual equipment ready to go
  • Carparking, tea/coffee facilities onsite and multiple nearby catering establishments
  • Reception personnel
  • Ideally located – 5 minutes from Penrose or Greenlane offramps

A safe environment

We have decades of experience of keeping people safe at all kinds of events! Whether the event is at our place or yours, we can provide our own 'safe event' equipment including AirGuard Foggers, contactless hand sanitisers, UV treatment for mics, alcohol wipes for our equipment and we bring own best practice health and safety procedures.

Value add-ons for a streamed or hybrid Event

  • Save time and money by reducing travel, accommodation and catering requirements plus all the AV equipment is already onsite.
  • Minimise fear and anxiety by giving people options
  • Increase accessibility during the event and the recording can be easily shared (or secured) post-event
  • Increased accessibility equals increased revenue

I established a really strong relationship with the team at Edwards right from the start. They gave us fantastic guidance and it was quick and clear. They were also honest, letting us know upfront how much it would cost, what the options were and the pros and cons of each variable. Plus, I could have my techies talk to their techies, leaving me to focus on logistics with the Edwards Account Manager.

  • Julie Kidd, DOC’s Strategic Partnerships Advisor

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