Elephant Wrestler Sound

The Elephant Wrestler (Copper Room) is a landmark public bar on Auckland's North Shore, refurbished and renovated with a DAS Audio sound system by Edwards.

DAS Audio Speaker systems on the job again. Our client wanted a high quality and reliable audio system for live music and DJ's as well as the usual house music.

They had a very challenging time frame for installation and the environment is a challenge for large speakers to be used, and as always budget is a high consideration..

For reliable and high quality sound we always recommend DAS Audio speakers. They are not the cheapest speakers you can get but they will last for many years and offer better value for money than more expensive brands.

They look good, sound even better and will do their job for many years.



This installation entailed combining two pre-existing Auckland venues, creating a central control the staff could use easily and reusing any suitable sound equipment from the previous Copper Room and Sports Bar. We removed the amplifiers and speakers for safe keeping while the builders and sparkies did their stuff, then worked around the builders to reinstall the new sound system wiring and brackets until the painters had finished, then the speakers were installed and tested.

Pub Sound System

Getting the DAS Audio speakers into the ceiling cavity enabled a low profile speaker with the power handling and quality of a professional audio speaker system - almost like a ceiling speaker. The sound pressure is directed towards the audience instead of the bar staff.

Pub Speaker System

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