City Fitness Gym Sound

Using a mixture of Panasonic, ITC Public Address, DAS Audio, Fitness Audio, Aeromic headset microphones and WES Audio products.

Gyms, Fitness centers, Group Fitness Studios are venues we also understand well. The audio gear in gyms gets a lot of use, sometimes not gentle and caring, so the sound equipment we spec and install is industrial strength and designed for 24/7 use.  The Aeromic and Fitness Audio wireless microphone systems are the industry standard and come with a 2 year guarantee against sweat damage - that is unique in the world. Unfortunately a lot of people selling headset microphones for gyms and fitness instructors turn their back on you after 6 weeks. They'll suggest you buy a new microphone, but not Aeromic.

Plasma screens in gym Cardio Theater style

Each treadmill and stepper can have a Cardio Theater type audio receiver you can plug your headphones into and pick up the slound from any of the TV's on the wall.


ITC PA audio Installation

A central audio matrix controls and distributes background music, PA paging  from reception or the phone system anywhere in the venue.




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