DAS Sound Force

DAS SoundForce Speaker systems

Sound Force Series of club systems are designed for dance venues where sound, power and looks are key requisites. The new series presently offers four models comprising mid-high, mid bass, and subwoofer options.

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DAS Sound Force 2x6" 2 way Mid High Speaker, 80x80

Product Code: SF-26

The DAS Audio SF-26 employs twin 6P woofers for low frequency reproduction. The M-34 compression ...

Sound Force 400W, 10" 2 way Mid High Speaker, 110x50

Product Code: SF-10

The DAS SF-10 speaker employs a single 10P woofer for low frequency reproduction. The M-60N compr...

Sound Force 12" 3 way Mid High Speaker

Product Code: SF-112

The SF-112 is a three-way system designed for high level dance clubs. Two large format fiberg...

DAS S/F 700w, 140Db, 3-way full-range 15" + 8" + 1"

Product Code: SF-158

The SF-158 3-way, full-range system is designed to provide the DAS Sound Force series with a powe...

Sound Force dual 15" Mid Bass Passive Speaker

Product Code: SF-215

The SF-215 is a bass-mid system comprising twin 15inch neodymium loudspeakers mounted is a band-p...

Sound Force 2 x 2Kw dual 21" Low Frequency Speaker

Product Code: SF-221

The SF-221 is a twin 21inch subwoofer system designed to provide high levels of low frequency...

Powered, 800W(LF) + 400w(HF), 12" DAS SoundForce

Product Code: SF-20A

The DAS SF-20A is a high definition, mid-high unit which is part of the SF-Monitor system. The po...

Sound Force 21" + 15" Active 2x1700w Subwoofer

Product Code: SF-1521A

The SF-1521A is a unique, powered hybrid subwoofer system from DAS Audio which is part of the SF-...

Sound Force single 30" Active 7500w Sub woofer

Product Code: SF-30A

The SF-30A makes use of an innovative and unique transducer based on the patented M-Force® mo...

DAS 2 x 21" 2x2000 W, ground-stacked, 145dB SPL

Product Code: UX-221

The UX-221 comprises two 21″ loudspeakers equipped with 4.5″ voice coils and offers a...

Powered, 2x3400 Wcontinuous, 2x21" ground-stacked

Product Code: UX-221A

The UX-221A makes use of two 21inch loudspeakers with impressive specifications. The 21UXN lo...

DAS 4-Channel 2800W Class-D SMPS Power Amplifier

Product Code: D-100

The D-100 is a lightweight, high-power switch mode amplifier designed to the highest standards of...

DAS Digital Audio Signal Processor - 2x6, Parametrics

Product Code: DSP-2060A

DSP-2060A (XTA powered Line Array system processor) Features -2 inputs and 6 outputs -9 full band...