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HZ-100 Antari Haze Machine. Standard Hazer
The HZ-100 comes equipped with an efficient, maintenance-free air compressor where no external parts are required. This compact size lends itself to stage, concert and movie work. For... Learn More
Was : $999.00/ea
Now : $799.00/ea
HZ-350K Antari Haze Machine with W1 Wireless remote
HZ-350, the brand new haze machine from Antari with not only the traditional rugged build and reliability! Innovative LCD control panel built in so you are the master of this classic ... Learn More
Antari F7 SMAZER with WDMX included
Designed for large venue use... Learn More
HZ-500 Professional Haze Machine  (In roadcase)
The ultimate Antari Haze Machine for the entertainment industry is the HZ-500. A groundbreaking masterpiece from the Antari R&D team after many years of hard work. The performance... Learn More
Wired Remote for HZ100, 350 and 400 Haze Machines
HC-1 Cable Length: 25 ft. Connector: 1/4 Stereo Function: Timer With Interval and Duration; Manual ON/OFF Compatible With: HZ-100,HZ-400 Learn More
Wireless Remote for HZ100 and HZ400 Hazer Machines
Wireless remote for Antari HZ100 and HZ400 Haze Machines Learn More
Haze Liquid for Haze Machine use (1litre -Oil based)
1 ltr bottle of high quality, oil based Haze machine Fluid. Haze Liquid for Antari Haze machines. One litre lasts about 25 hours continuous hazing in our HZ100 Haze machine, about 16 hours in the HZ400 Haze machin... Learn More
$29.90/1 Lt
Haze Liquid for Haze Machines: 5ltr bottle
HZL-5 is a non-toxic haze machine liquid solution that produces a pure translucent haze with an extremely long hang time and low moisture content. Colorless, odorless and non-flammabl... Learn More
$119.00/5 Lt