High tech active speaker system for entertainers, musicians, rental companies, DJ's and installation, with Bluetooth connectivity.

Digital Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters are used in the signal processing of the powered Vantec systems. User configurable voicing, filters, EQ modes, and gain control are achieved by way of a rotary-knob interface and LCD screen on the rear of the cabinet. The Vantec series are equipped with a cool feature that is sure to prove handy for DJs, Schools and hire companies: a built-in Bluetooth wireless system allowing you to broadcast into the speaker and/or link speaker to speaker to save cabling. The range is rated at only about 10 metres, but can come in handy if there just isn’t a good way to run cabling across the dance floor, or if you need to quickly access music on a mobile device or computer.

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DAS Vantec Active 12", 2 way, 1500W speaker
The Vantec series can be installed in halls for music and voice, used as powerful portable Band and DJ PA systems and for rental. Built-in Bluetooth makes connecting and linking the speakers completely wireless!... Learn More
DAS Vantec Active 15", 1500W, 2 way, Class D, speaker
The Vantec 15A is a powered portable system with a multi-angle enclosure that permits stage monitor applications as well as a compact P.A. system, with bluetooth receiver for music streaming built in. <di... Learn More
DAS Vantec 2x15", 2250 Wpeak, Class D, 3way speaker
Vantec 215A is equipped with twin 15F woofers for applications requiring higher SPL overall and a more powerful bass response, such as mobile DJ&acute;s, live performances or any type of event that needs the add... Learn More
DAS Vantec 18", 2000 Wpeak, Class D Active subwoofer
The Vantec 18A is a powered subwoofer system designed to provide extended bass response for the Vantec full-range cabinets. &nbsp; &ndash; Powered subwoofer system&nbsp; <div... Learn More
Dual 18" Powered, 2000 Wcontinuous, 2x18" subwoofer
The Vantec 218A is a powered bass subwoofer system designed to provide extended bass response for the Vantec full-range cabinets. A powerful amplifier drives dual D.A.S. 18LX long excursion bass loudspeakers inc... Learn More