The new Convert arrayable speakers from DAS Audio incorporate a series of breakthrough features that offer an unmatched level of versatility and sound quality. The system can be deployed as either a curved source array or used individually as a point source. 

As the Convert name implies, the horizontal and vertical dispersion characteristics of the system can be “converted”, to meet the specific requirements of almost any application. This is achieved using the proprietary Digitally Convertible DispersionTM (DCDTM) preset which modifies the horizontal dispersion of the Convert 1590A from 20º to 40º.

The Convert 1590A offers 90º dispersion.

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2-way, 550 W+220 W powered curved source cabinet
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Was : $3,799.00
Now : $1,999.00
3-way 15" Active Speaker, 90 deg, Point / Curved w/ DCD
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Now : $11,498.85
Powered Dual 18 Long Excursion Subwoofer (18LX x2)
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