An Audio Matrix is a cost effective method of providing independent multi-zone / multi-room audio control for paging systems, bars, clubs, conference venues and any venue where you require control over background music, paging from a central location (i.e. from telephone systems and / or reception microphones). the system allows up to 8 different music or audio sources to be selected from any zone, independently of what the other zones are doing.

In each room or zone, as well as the eight selectable background music or audio channels, you can also have facility for local inputs for microphones, iPods, mixers or any audio source so the area can be used separately to other zones. It is very flexible and easily expandable up to 32 independent zones. It operates like an audio distribution amplifier with a lot of configurable features to allow integration with your PABX telephone system, fire alarms and / or other emergency systems.

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Digiline-MX Audio DSP Processor - 8in x 8out
Digiline MX is a standalone 8 in, 8 out digital audio matrix with adjustable and programmable EQ, limiters and signal routing.  If you need built in amplifiers look at the Digiline 8 instead. In only one 19... Learn More
4 Channel Matrix Amplifier, 120w x 4 mixer
PA Amplifier -4 channel matrix mixer audio amplifier with 4x120W outputs. All inputs and outputs can be matrix selected and mixed - integrated 4 channel PA audio solution with Mp3 pla... Learn More
Was : $2,100.00/ea
Now : $1,899.00/ea
4 Zone Remote Paging Microphone
The T-4012 is a remote paging microphone with 4 zone capacity for T-4060MP and T-4120MP amplifiers only.  They are linked by RJ45 port through CAT5 cable, max 6 microphones ... Learn More
8 Zone Audio Matrix, 8 x 8 Digital Matrix
The 8 zone audio distribution and matrix paging controller T-8000 provides multi-zone paging and multi-source audio selection and is a complete solution for multi-zone, multi-fun... Learn More
Was : $1,999.00/ea
Now : $1,799.00/ea
Remote 8 zone Paging console for Audio Matrix
The T-8000A remote zone paging microphone works in conjunction with the T-8000 matrix through industry standard CAT5 / 6/7 cable for zone announcement or communication at a remote loc... Learn More
Remote Control Panel for Audio Matrix - V/C+2inputs
The T-8000B remote control with audio input module is connected to the T-8000 using industry standard CAT5e. Provides remote mic and line audio input, volume and source selection for ... Learn More
Remote Control Panel for Audio Matrix (Volume control)
The T-8000C remote control module is connected with T-8000 through industry standard CAT 5 for each eight zone' s volume adjustment at a remote locations or zones. The T-8000 provides eight RJ45 ports for the remote co... Learn More
4 channel x 60 Watt  Amp, 100v / 4ohm, Balanced Inputs
These 4 channel power amplifiers are designed for commercial and industrial public address applications. With four separate 60 watt amplifiers in a single chassis provides a flexible solution for different sound system ... Learn More
Digital MultiZone Weekly Timer, 10 zone and School bell
School paging and bell system, university, public arena etc 10 zone digital weekly timer. 6 daily programs to switch power sockets on and off, ring bells, play pre-recorded messages or music with emergency overrid... Learn More
Four Ch. Class-D Audio Amplifier - 4 x 240w/100v
4-Channel Class-D Amplifier, 240W RMS per channel, 100v line, remote volume control, power control, standby control and status monitor, with DC 24V input packed into a compact 1.5 unit chassis. They are light on p... Learn More
Was : $2,899.00/ea
Now : $2,250.00/ea