Live Streaming Services

Live Streaming Services

Live streaming, for a stand-alone event, or in combination with one or more physical events around the country or globe, is the perfect solution for meetings, training webinars, interactive workshops, remote sales presentations, AGM's, charity events, auctions, church services, keynote addresses and for social events, involving distant family and friends. At Edwards, we support all platforms including popular meeting platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and social platforms such as Facebook Live and YouTube, as well as professional quality streaming platforms for high quality digital content. 

We offer:

Live Streaming equipment for use remotely, with the option of technical support.

Studio Hire to stream from our dedicated facilities.

Event Production: In the same way organisers have a production team for a live meeting, you will require a production team solely focused on your virtual experience. A virtual experience is run differently and can actually be more demanding. You must avoid tech glitches, distracting noises, and you have the challenge of keeping remote attendees engaged, and remote presenters ready to go with their cues. In the same way organisers have a production team for a live meeting, you will require a production team solely focused on the virtual experience.


Client feedback 

"We recently ran two 3-hour seminars in-person and transmitted via zoom to a global audience.  We were absolutely thrilled with the level of service proficiency demonstrated by Edwards Sound/Lighting/Audio Visual.  Seamless, professional and a highly personable service. Thanks Ed and your great team."

Greg Boland – CEO, Tiger Fintech (NZ) Limited.


This experience has opened up a whole new world of engagement for us...To bring everyone into one space is not always practical so an online livestream event has opened up new possibilities. There is also less cost and more resource-efficient planning. And you can ‘flex’ in a much more agile way. You can record the event so easily, and that too is beneficial for busy people.

- Julie Kidd, DOC’s Strategic Partnerships Advisor


Video testimonial from the Race Unity Speech Awards:

Twenty-two competitions, 17 regionals, 1 Auckland regional final, 3 national semi-finals and the national final. 70 students, 70 judges, 22 MCs, 22 timekeepers, 13 regional coordinators joined remotely from their homes from all over New Zealand.

Case Studies

Read about some of our streamed events:


Technician live streaming Streaming a Department of Conservation event featuring nine presenters, including the Minister, to 450 remote participants during Auckland's lockdown level 3.

Smartpay Ltd’s AGM was streamed to remote shareholders throughout the country, and a recording was provided for those that couldn’t tune in at the time.

Presenter unable to attend in person? No problem - we can beam them in. Here we livestreamed business leaders from China for an interactive presentation.

Remember the excitement about the Waterview Connection? We shared the final stages with a global audience.


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