Sound System Upgrade for Christians Against Poverty

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is a registered Auckland-based charity for whom value for money is critical. Having made do with an “old is an understatement” amp and “some ancient speakers covered in fabric” for ten years since they established their New Zealand office, they decided to upgrade. Sam Garaway, Chief of Operations, describes the turning point, “It started smoking and we figured it was time to do something!”

Competitive Quote

Unaware of the existing relationship that other parts of the organisation had with the Edwards Hire team, Sam found Edwards online, “Edwards’ quote was the most competitive, but they were also the most understanding of what we were trying to achieve and they weren’t trying to upsell.”

The Solution: D.A.S. Artec 508s

Edwards proposed the D.A.S. Artec 508’s and an 800w power amp, a discrete solution for a medium-sized space that holds up to 60 people. Edwards mounted the speakers on the ceiling with U-brackets, retaining even more space for CAP's training sessions and presentations.

Jamie Cashmore, Edwards Business Development Manager, explains, “These small speakers are unobtrusive, especially compared with mounting 12” speakers, but still very powerful with a good amount of bottom end. Perfect for small performances.”

Sam’s brief also required that the system be mobile for use at offsite fundraising events. The Edwards package included speaker stand adaptors, meaning the speakers can easily be unplugged, transported and set up elsewhere. Additional flexibility came in the form of a 9U rack on castors, and a Chiayo quad chassis microphone receiver kit loaded with two receivers, allowing for CAP to expand the system if required.

Happy Customers

Sam’s feedback,

“It obviously wasn’t hard to exceed the old system but what we have now is magic! It is so easy to use that I managed to train the rest of the team myself. The quality is amazing, and we’re stoked with the balance that Edwards achieved between the sound and the discreteness of the system. We love the little unit on wheels that we can just pull out and plug in the data projector, iPads, phones, whatever. And we’ve got the spare channels…who knows what we’ll add in the next ten years!”

Sam has no hesitation in recommending Edwards Sound,

“100% I would use them again.”

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