challenger portable PA system

Challenger Portable PA System

The "Top of the Line" Portable PA Sound System just got better!  80% longer battery life, 60% more amplifier power and greater audio coverage thanks to efficient Class-D amplifiers. Challenger C1000D Portable PA systems operate on mains and/or powerful built-in rechargeable batteries.

The best sounding portable PA system in New Zealand by far, the Chiayo Challenger 1000-D is top quality, easy to use and very reliable.

Competitively priced, fully featured professional portable sound systems - easily covering hundreds of people - and you can connect extra slave speakers as required to cover thousands of people - they are perfect PA sound system for assembly, halls, sports fields, and for outdoor weddings and events they are the best. Digital recorder, CD player and ipod input and a wireless mic are all available options.

C1000D are powerful portable PA sound systems and we have options with multiple wireless microphone receivers, CD and MP3 player, Bluetooth, digital recorder to record meetings and weddings etc, a 6.3mm Jack microphone input, aux in, aux out, and extension speaker output for additional speakers or active slave speakers. A versatile wireless repeater system enables additional wireless slave speakers to be used up to 80 metres / 250 feet away. This is useful when running cables is difficult - over roads, train tracks or between buildings or over rivers etc 

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Challenger Portable Sound System (Bluetooth+Digital)
The Top of the Line Portable Sound System, Challenger 1000 with Bluetooth now boasts 80% longer battery life, 60% more amplifier power and now in... Learn More
Wireless Handheld Mic (100 ch) 624Mhz LCD
SQ-6100 IrDA handheld wireless radio microphone - 100 channel, Metal body and Condenser mic capsule - compatible with the SDR-8100m module for Stage Pro, Challenger, Focus and QR-4000/2000N, and also the IrDA Stan... Learn More
Wireless Microphone Bodypack SM6100 624Mhz LCD
Bodypack wireless radio microphone transmitter pack and lapel microphone. 100 channel UHF -compatible with t... Learn More
100Ch Microphone Receiver Module, IrDA SU624
UHF 100-frequency 2-way sync. diversity wireless microphone receiver module. Can be used in Stage Pro and new Challenger portable PA and QR-2000N module frame. simple to install - sli... Learn More
Active Slave Speaker for Challenger 1000-D
This is the matching powered speaker for the Challenger 1000 Class D portable sound system. This portable wireless speaker is the perfect complement to our Challenger 1000 portable pa system series. It can be conn... Learn More
16 Channel C1000 EDW680 Repeater Receiver Module
Wireless Repeater Receiver module for the Challenger Slave Speaker UHF 16-freq diversity wireless receiver module Features UHF synthesiz... Learn More
Tripod Speaker Stand. 35mm. Black.
Aluminium Tripod Speaker Stand. Heavy Duty Speaker Stand. Black. Learn More
Weather/ Dust cover for C1000 PA system
Weatherproof cover for Challenger PA systems. Keeps a bit of drizzle off them, and dust also. - Lightweight - Clear window with zipper opening - Side pocket Learn More
16 Channel 680mhz C1000D Repeater TX Module
Repeater Transmitter Module. this slots into a spare frame in a Challenger Portable PA system or QR receiver frame and transmits to the receiver units which can be located up to 80 metres (250 feet) away. wireless... Learn More