High output Anti-microbial disinfection fog machine for halls, hotel, foyer, bus and train etc. 

The Antari AG-1500 is a larger, but still portable, and highly functional sanitising Disinfection Machine, offering a convenient method for dispersing FLD disinfectant solution as vaporized fog evenly around your interior environment. The AG-1500 effectively kills most fungi, germs, viruses, and dust mites, and it will get rid of odors too.  


Using an FLD sanitation solution, the AG-1500 lays a thin layer on the surface of objects in the room, inhibiting bacterial growth. It is the ideal solution for regular maintenance in halls, train carriages, other large rooms, theatre, shop, mall, supermarket, airport, hotels, gyms and hospitals.

It can be controlled via the wireless remote included, or manually via the buttons on the control interface. 


The AG-1500 can totally fill a space of approx 10,000 cubic feet in 1 minute.(about 250 cubic meters - about a standard classroom size). The fog output volume is about 5 Cubic Meters per second, so you can calculate the time required with that simple rule of thumb.

If you use an area for personal use, disinfection can be effective for up to 2 weeks. While a space used more frequently for business should ideally be disinfected each day.

The more occupied a certain location is, the more frequently it should be disinfected, or immediately after a visit by suspected infected people.

The AG1500  has two output modes, normal and high.

AG-1500 Vaporizer

Room to be treated
(M3 / ft3)

Fogging time

FLE fluid usage (ml)
low output mode

60 M3 / 2,118 ft3

1 min.

30 ml

180 M3 / 6,354 ft3

3 min.

90 ml

300 M3 / 10,590 ft3

5 min.

150 ml


AG-1500 Vaporizer

Room to be treated
(M3 / ft3)

Fogging time

FLE fluid usage (ml)
high output mode

80 M3 / 2,825 ft3

1 min.

40 ml

240 M3 / 8,475 ft3

3 min.

120 ml

400 M3 / 14,125 ft3

5 min.

200 ml


It’s important to note, the AG-1500 itself sports no sterilization function. This function comes from the FLD-05 sterilization fluid that’s sold separately; it’s also a completely different action from ozone machines and air cleaners. Usage directions for Air Guard anti-microbial treatment.

Light weight fog disinfector: portable, and easy to use

- Input voltage

- Rated power

- Warm-up time

- Output Volume

- Fluid consumption

- Fluid tank capacity

- Compatible fluid

- Ambient temp. range

- Output

- Control

- Connection

- Dimension

- Weight

NZ/Aust model : AC 220-240V, 50 / 60Hz 6A


6 minutes (approx.)

10,000 cubic ft / min

40 ml/min (High Output)

2.4L (0.63gal)

Air Guard FLD/FLE Antibacterial Solution

0 °C - 40 °C 

2 meters height

Timer, Wireless

IEC (Power)

L344 W193 H381 mm

10.7 kg (23.6 lbs)

AirGuard AG-1500 Fog Machine Disinfector

  • Product Code: AG-1500
  • U.O.M: ea
  • Price: $2,099.00 (GST Excl.)

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