Smoke, Fog & Special Effect Hire

Smoke, Fog & Special Effect Hire


Special Effects for Hire

Edwards offers CO2 jet, smoke, fog (or CO2 / dry ice) machine hire in Auckland and NZ wide, plus snow and bubble machines to add magic to your event.

  • CO2 Jets: Add the WOW factor to any event with our CO2 Jets and Guns. Create an atmosphere at any festival, sporting or musical event with plumes of steam firing up to 8 metres into the air!
  • Smoke Machines: also known as haze machines, smoke machines accentuate beams from lighting effects and lasers or create smoke as a stage effect. Our hire smoke and fog machines are easy to use and come supplied with a remote control and plenty of smoke fluid included. They provide the whitest, cleanest, and driest fog in the hire industry.
  • Low Fog Machines: our ICE-100 Dry Ice Fogger simulates a dry ice machine low fog effect and is popular at special or corporate events, school balls and birthday parties. It chills the fog from the integrated fog machine and the fog hangs low on the floor. The effect is very similar to real dry ice machines, but without having to boil water and make a mess. Fill the ice compartment in the front with normal ice or dry ice, run the smoke machine and the result is a low lying fog that spills forth and hugs the ground just like real dry ice but without the potential harmful effects. 10Kg of ice can last up to 12hrs or 80 mins continuous use. It is very convenient and much easier to use than a traditional dry ice machine.
  • Snow and Bubble Machines: our portable snow machines and bubble effect machines are perfect for night club effects, movie sets and stage sets where quiet scenes and lifelike snow effects are required.


See our Dry Ice Machine in action - easily create the atmosphere that YOU want:

Or - check out the Antari ICE 101 low dry fog machine:


Environmental / Safety Issues

Edwards use Antari smoke machines because Antari are committed to adding "green" as well as commercial value to every product. Antari smoke and fog machines use less power and have a lower fluid consumption which increases the smoke machines’ lifetime, functionality, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

We also manufacture our Fog Juice and Smoke Fluid here in Auckland New Zealand using quality ingredients so that we can guarantee the quality. Cheap fog fluid risks the health of the people breathing the toxic fumes. People have to breathe the fog and they trust you to do the right thing.  Cheap smoke fluid is made from cheap ingredients which can be carcinogenic and may cause allergies and asthma in performers and the audience alike.

Please note: as with all fog and smoke machines, the fog does eventually condense and can make smooth and shiny surfaces slippery and even leave a watermark after hours of use so it is safest used on carpet, rough surfaces and outdoors, or for short durations over stages and dance floors.


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