Pipe and Drape

Pipe and Drape


Pipe and Drape

Pipe and drape is used to hide or decorate a space. Example uses include:

  • to divide a conference room

  • to cordon off the catering area

  • to create an exhibition booth

  • for a stage backdrop

  • to make partitions for changing at sporting events

  • hanging lighting or projectors

There are four elements to pipe and drape:

  1. The uprights – telescoping vertical pipes or push-up poles
  2. The bases – the steel plates to support the pipes
  3. The drape support rod – telescoping horizontal pipes that can range from 1 metre to 5 metres
  4. The drape panels – the fabric

Horizontal supports are held in place by small metal hooks at each end of the pipe. The hooks are then placed into a slot on the upright, making the pipe and drape support system.


What do I need?

Make sure that you know the height and width of the space that you are working in, let us know if it is a linear back drop, or a booth or something else and we will work with you to calculate your requirements. 


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