Flying Moa

A multi zone pub sound system for a DJ and small bands on Friday night, a microphone and music videos during the week, sky sport for the big games, and relaxing background music for lunchtime business - 7 days a week.

It had to sound great, be 100% reliable in a multitude of situations and be easy for the bar staff to control. DAS Audio provided the speakers for the sound quality, reliability and while being among the best speakers in the world, the price is acceptable. A simple system was chosen for the control of the sound and TV's. While not as flexible or powerful as the Crestron we usually use, the price was right and it hasn't really missed a beat.


bar sound system

We were involved from the planning stage which always guarantees a better result. We get to plan speaker positions and get cables to the right places before the gib goes on the wall rather than coming in as an afterthought having to make do with awkward situations. - "Oh, yeah, the painters are coming tomorrow so can you guys just come in and put some speakers up? you just need to watch out as the floor is still drying and...  " - yeah, thanks.

The results speak for themselves - if you are in the Lunn Ave area in Auckland drop in for a pint or a meal. The staff are friendly, the food is great and the sound system is all DAS audio -:)

Sound for Bar and Nightclub

Being involved from the early planning stages allows us to design the best sound system for your venue and choose the most appropriate speakers and position from the start.
Our predictive software only needs your architects plans and we can have a system designed and engineered within days so give us a call about your next venue early on to see what we'd recommend for you.
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