AV Control and Input Panels

AV control

Controlling AV systems should be simple and intuitive. Having too much configuration and too many options available to the end-user can severely impact the useability so this is a critical conversation when designing your system - complex equipment can be made simple to manage with a clear brief of what you want to achieve.

  • Want to walk up and connect to an HDMI input to turn the projector on and wind down the screen automatically?
  • Use buttons on the wall to switch between multiple AV inputs and outputs?
  • Have a touch screen with all the options available from your seat?

We have AV control solutions for classroom, conference and meeting room taking the complex out, and providing intuitive end–user and guest control over projectors, screens and lighting etc.

We can control pretty much any device via LAN, RS–232 and RS–485 serial ports, and various IR, relay and general purpose I/O built–in device ports, providing you quite sophisticated control for AV, Lighting, and other room devices.

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