Complete wireless radio microphone set - a Handheld and a lapel / beltpack wireless microphone with one True Diversity receiver.  The handheld radio mic has a high quality metal body, LCD display, 2-way frequency sync and a professional studio quality THT compander system, and the lapel beltpack transmitter has the same LCD display and processor with an Audio Technica AT-15 microphone capsule.the receiver is extra sensitive for longer range, reliable operation and they all feature IrDA frequency sync.

Extended range and dropout free performance from True Diversity receivers. Legal NZ wireless mic frequency 624Mhz, Top of line condenser capsules, 25Mhz bandwidth - which means you can run up to 12 radio mike systems in the same frequency group.  

Remember, with this set you can only use one or the other wireless mic at a time - not both simultaneously. Perfect for professional users, TV, broadcast and stage situations and high profile conference and event venues. 

IrDA Lapel and Handheld Microphone System, 100 Channel, UHF

This is a high quality wireless radio microphone system. It looks high quality, and has a quality feel to it. The audio quality and dynamic range is superb and the handling noise low thanks to the condenser capsule. These stand against much more expensive sets by other well known American and European manufacturers. It is perfect for stage productions, TV broadcast, rental, recording, live stage vocals, singing, conference venues etc. 

The Lapel Microphone also shares the processor, high quality compander, and is supplied with an Audio Technica AT-15 microphone for superb audio quality and pickup. The beltpack case is plastic..

The large LCD display is easy to read  and the IrDA 2-way frequency synchronisation makes finding a clear channel and moving the microphone and receiver to it a breeze.

With 100 pre-programmed channels spanning 3 TV bands you will always find clear air if you do run into interference.

Wireless Microphone Kit: 100 Ch. Lapel and Handheld

  • Product Code: SDR9000HHLAP
  • U.O.M: ea
  • Price: $1,129.57 (GST Excl.)

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