iTalk Portable PA Amplifier and Headset Microphone (ITALK)

iTalk Portable PA Amplifier and Headset Microphone

Price : $279.00/ea

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Detailed Description

Includes 4 Rechargeable batteries, Charger and Bag!


Personal Bodypack PA Amplifier Compact, loud and lightweight portable PA for tourguides, teachers, sports facilities and vocal rehabilitation. It hangs over your shoulder, straps around your waist, or put it on the desk as a PC presentation speaker. (lead included) Loud and clear sound with long battery life Compact & Lightweight Stylish - comes with a headset microphone, a carry bag and a 3.5mm jack lead to connect your laptop or mp3 player sound directly. Rechargeable Batteries and Power pack also included.

It's a good quality speaker with many uses; some not obvious at first. Hispeak use it with CPAP masks.



Used For

This is the best sounding waistband amplifier in the world! High efficiency class D digital amplifier extends battery life and the DC-DC converter maintains constant high power output throughout the battery life. 3 1/4” full-range speaker system with max output power of 10W. Intelligent charging function for economical use Built-in charging circuitry enables simultaneous charging and operating. Tone control Battery low indicator Worn around the waist or over the shoulder, or place it on a desk or table connected to a laptop or MP3 player Up to 8~10 hours of vocal operation between charges Supplied with headset microphone – completely hands free! Suitable for indoor/outdoor and tour guide applications Input jack (3.5mm) for Mic/Line input, also for iPod and PC presentation. Speaker pouch carry bag also included.

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