4-Channel Class-D Amplifier, 500W RMS per channel, 100v line, remote volume control, power control, standby control and status monitor, with DC 24V input packed into a compact 1.5 unit chassis. They are light on power, light on space, light on weight and reasonably light on your pocket.

Perfect for driving dozens of ceiling and wall speakers, or the outdoor stadium and racetrack systems like the DAS Bi-Driver.

500 Watt Quad Channel Rack Mountable 100 Volt Commercial Amplifier
Perfect for large commercial applications, the new ClassD T-4D500 Amplifier is a high-power quad channel 100V amplifier with the quality and power for any background music, paging and public address application. 

100V  Capable
This massive 500 Watts per channel amplifier handles large rooms, outdoor PA systems, and multiple speaker zones with ease.

Digital Amplification  Our engineers have combined advanced digital amplifier technologies with installer-friendly features to create a robust power plant built from the ground up for today's 100V system applications. Unlike analog offerings, our Class-D digital amplifiers are much more energy efficient and run up to 80% cooler and nearly 85% power efficient.  Plus, with a reduced need for heat sinks, you'll save space too with a chassis that's up to 50% smaller than traditional analog amplifiers! 

  • Four separate volume controls and signal, peak, protection and power supply indicators
  • Remote standby and remote status indication via phoenix connector on rear
  • Full protection built in- bandpass signal filter on inputs, plus over-temperature, overload and short circuit protection 
  • 24 volt emergency power backup
  • Forced Cooling (1/2 speed fan @ 50 deg C, Full speed at 70deg C)
1.5 R Units high, 500W RMS x 4 outputs, 100V line, VCA

This efficient Class-D 100V amplifier delivers tons of power from a 4-channel design – and it only takes up a slim 1.5U of rack space! With a whopping 240 watts per channel RMS, it’s the perfect way to supplement our 4 channel Matrix amplifier or the T-8000 conference venue system - any large outdoor spaces or applications that require four zones with different sources and/or volume levels.

Continuous Power Output (All Channels) 500w per channel @100V
Inputs per Channel 1 balanced (set-screw)  
Input Sensitivity 385mV/20, H5.08 balanced terminal input
Input Impedance 20KΩ/ Balanced
T.H.D. 0.5% @1k, 1/3 output power
S/N ratio 85db A-weighted
Frequency Response 80 Hz to 18 KHz (+1dB, -3dB)
Input Voltage

230V AC, 24V DC

Power Consumption 2250 watts (max)
Dimensions (Inches) W: 484mm H: 66mm D: 440mm
Weight 10.5kg
Certification Meets FCC Part 15, UL EN60065, CE


Four Ch. Class-D Audio Amplifier - 4 x 500w/100v

  • Product Code: T-4D500
  • U.O.M: ea
  • Was: $3,999.00 Now: $2,868.70 (GST Excl.)

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