Record your meeting or performances to mp3 files on SD or USB stick. (The pic shows the DP-500m which does not have the record function) Digital recorder module for Stage Pro portable PA systems.


  • Able to record and read MP3 files in the USB and SD card.
  • LCD displays track information, e.g. file number, name, play time and modes.
  • Different repeat and play modes for selection.
  • Far more compact in size than traditional modules.
  • Remote control for more setting convenience.
  • Individual power/volume control on the panel.
Play and Record mp3 files on USB/SD on Stage and Focus PA's

Model DPR-500M Slot-in digital player / recorder module for Stage Pro and Focus 505 - For Focus 505 installation we need to install an MB-50 frame to accommodate it, but that also allows installation of the Bluetooth module and additional SDR5116 wireless mic receiver modules too.

Model  DPR-500M
Audio output  0dB±1.5dB (1KHz Sine Wave,0dB MP3)
Frequency response  50Hz-20KHz±3dB
Power supply  DC12V,95mA
File format  MP3,WAV
Recordable MP3
Storage system format  FAT,FAT32
Acceptable storage device  USB(1.0,2.0)
Dimensions (mm)  74*36*138
Weight (g)  78
Matched Amplifier Victory 2000,Challenger 1000,Stage Pro,Focus 505
Matched receiver QR-2000N


Digital Recorder / Player Module- .MP3 (USB + SD)

  • Product Code: DPR-500M
  • U.O.M: each
  • Price: $155.65 (GST Excl.)

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