Not an ordinary ceiling speaker! The CL-6TB is a 2-way passive full range ceiling loudspeaker incorporating a 6.5” cone low frequency transducer and a ferrofluid cooled soft dome high frequency unit with integral diffraction ring. The unit is equipped with a multi-tap line transformer and backcan. The system’s low frequency driver is mounted on a plastic support with mounting tabs for fixing to ceiling surfaces. The front of the system is covered with a perforated metal grille. What this means is that the highs are brilliant and clear and you have a music quality ceiling mounted speaker with a back-can for improved bass response. The D.A.S. Ceiling Loudspeaker range uses advanced sound reinforcement technology to deliver outstanding audio performance from these compact and easy-to-use products. Sound field coverage is wide with efficient mid and high frequency reproduction for greater intelligibility. Flexible configuration, optimised dispersion and intelligibility, in a range of products that is easily adaptable to aesthetically complement the decor of any venue - Next time you are dining at the Hilton Auckland have a look at the ceiling.
High quality 2 way ceiling speaker for installation
The flush-mount Ceiling series loudspeakers provide state-of-the-art design. The loudspeakers offer outstanding performance in a compact, discreet and user-friendly product. The wide sound field coverage and exceptional mid/high range frequency reproduction enhances intelligibility and optimizes the acoustic dispersion. 165mm deep with the back-can (for the bass). (Measurement includes the tapping selection rotary-knob on the back for adjusting the tapping - 5-10-15W, or 8ohm for 40 watts. If you remove the back-can for a lower profile install, you need about 90mm clearance, although you need to move the transformer from the can to the frame of the speaker, and remount the switch. Technical Data Frequency Range (-10 dB) 70 Hz-20 kHz On-axis Sensitivity 1 W / 1 m 90 dB SPL Transformer Taps 5/10/15 W (100 V) 2.5/5/7.5 W (70 V) Enclosure Material Plastic Color/Finish White Connectors Spring Terminals Dimensions (H x W x D) 160 x 230 mm 6.3 x 9 in Weight 1.75 kg (3.86 lb)

Ceiling Speaker 6", Back-Can, 40w / 100v

  • Product Code: CL6TB
  • U.O.M: ea
  • Price: $155.66 (GST Excl.)

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