Independent IP audio streaming unit which adds two audio channels in the network.
Affordable solution, ideal for small installations.
Can be used as a simple unit to transport audio from one point to another or to several receivers.
Can coexist with BLM unit, being another channel of the same network, that receivers can select (up to 16 channels in the network at the same time).
PoE and/or external power supply unit.
Blue Line Series Audio over IP

BlueLine Digital is also compatible with other public address systems. It can be used to transport several channels through the network. It is possible to connect power amplifiers with high output power which are designed for 100 V line installations.This is an opportunity to manage low and high voltage installations in a same audio system.

Thanks to the channel modules, integrators can adapt Blueline Digital to the needs of the installations. A versatile, distributed audio system

Also manage the unit with mobile devices. Thanks to the OSC protocol, it is possible to remotely control BlueLine Digital System using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This innovative solution provides better mobility to users, who can control the system from any part of the installation.

BLS 2 LITE - Audio IP STREAMER - Blueline digital

  • Product Code: 82BLD010
  • Price: $434.00 (GST Excl.)

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