BLR2 A PLUS is a 1 stereo channel audio over IP receiver with 1 amplified stereo output. The unit has 2 GPI inputs and 2 GPO outputs. Due to its modular features it can be placed anywhere in the installation. For that purpose, it has different fixing elements . It can be powered either through PoE or with an external 12/24V DC power supply.

BlueLine Series Audio over IP,Amplif. 2x5w(PoE)-2x15W Extern
- 1 stereo channel audio over IP receiver.
- 1 unbalanced stereo output.
- 1 amplified stereo output: 2x5W (PoE) or 2x15W (external 24V power supply).
- Output sensitivity -1.15 dBu (680mVrms).
- Bridge mode: 30W @ 8 Ohm  powered by 24V.
- Bridge mode: minimun load 8 Ohm.
- Parallel mode: minimum load 4 Ohm.
- Power supply: 12/24V DC or through PoE.
- 2 GPI (Pull-Up) and 2 GPO (Open Collector).
- 10/100 Ethernet port (to connect to the LAN network and PoE).
- Configurable through web interface.
- OSC control.
- Static IP, Source and Master Volume configurable through the front panel.
- Display to visualize the Dynamic IP and the MAC addresses and the configurable parameters.
- Control port to connect to remote control devices. 
- Audio format automatic detection: PCM, ADPCM and MP3.
- Dimensions (WxHxD): 109x42x133 (mm)

BLR 2A+. Audio over IP RECEIVER/2 GPIO, amplifier

  • Product Code: 82BLD130
  • Price: $695.00 (GST Excl.)

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