AG-20 battery operated Air Guard sanitiser with instant warm-up. Sanitize anywhere, or anytime you need a portable disinfectant vaporizer away from direct AC power sources, AG20 is the one you need.

The first mobile Antibacterial Vaporizer in the Air Guard series, created for use without an AC power source available. Powered by a rechargeable battery, no warming-up time is required, and it can produce fog instantly as soon as it is switched onWith a fully charged battery, the machine can run about 12 minutes.

It offers a quick and convenient method for dispersing FLD disinfectant solution as vaporized fog evenly around your interior environment. The AG-20 effectively kills most fungi, germs, viruses, and dust mites, and it will get rid of odors too.  


With nine built-in timer settings, users are able to set it based on target area size. Or start and stop the fog using the included wireless remote. Suitable for elevators and lifts, camping, food truck, school bus, helicopter, boat, etc. Perfect for any occasion where you are limited by AC power supply. 

Using an FLD/FLE sanitation solution, the AG-20 lays a thin layer on the surface of objects in the room, inhibiting bacterial growth. 

The more occupied a certain location is, the more frequently it should be disinfected, or immediately after a visit by suspected infected people.

It’s important to note, the AG-20 itself sports no sterilization function. This function comes from the FLD-05/FLE disinfectant fluid that’s sold separately; it’s also completely different from ozone machines and air cleaners.


AG-20 Vaporizer

Room to be treated
(M3 / ft3)

Fogging time

FLE fluid usage (ml)

28 M3 / 988 ft3

1 min.

14 ml

84 M3 / 2,966 ft3

3 min.

42 ml

140 M3 / 4,944 ft3

5 min.

70 ml

Battery fogger, c/w remote, battery, charger and 1 x FLD-05
  • Input Voltage: DC 12V (Battery), 220-240V AC, 50/60 Hz (Charger)
  • Rated Power: 600W\
  • Running time: 12 mins on full charge
  • Battery recharging time: 3-4 hours
  • Warm Up Time: 1 second (Approx.)
  • Tank Capacity: 400 mL
  • Compatible Fluid: FLD-05, FLE-05, FLE-4000
  • Control: Manual, Wireless, Timer
  • Dimension (L*W*H): 293*108*238 mm
  • Weight: 8.5kg

AirGuard AG-20 Fog Disinfector, battery powered

  • Product Code: AG-20
  • U.O.M: ea
  • Price: $1,699.00 (GST Excl.)

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