This is the matching powered speaker for the Challenger 1000 Class D portable sound system. This portable wireless speaker is the perfect complement to our Challenger 1000 portable pa system series. It can be connected to the Challenger Portable PA system via a standard mic cable or use the new wireless repeater system for a 80 metre wireless link. It has powerful heavy duty batteries built in and a 115W RMS amplifier so will cover several hundred people by itself. You can easily connect extension speakers, so a pair of 16ohm horn speakers would be a perfect expansion plan for voice coverage, or one 8ohm 12" or 15" speaker could also be connected if it was for music coverage. A 6.3mm Jack speaker socket is provided. The Challengers are true portable PA systems in every sense of the word: Easily portable, (weigh only about 20kg and have wheels and a retractable handle built in), reliable (a lot of hire companies use these), battery or mains powered and high quality amplifier and speaker system. The wireless repeater link is particularly useful when this extension / slave speaker needs to be placed on the other side of a field, street, road or river, in another building or somewhere a cable is just plain difficult to get to. 16 channels of repeater mean you can re-repeat the signal over 1.5km if you need to by placing a slave speaker every 100 metres. If you require multiple slave speakers within a 100 metre radius you only need one Master unit and as many slaves as you want.

Portable 150W Slave Speaker. ClassD Battery/Mains operation

Matching slave speaker for the award winning Challenger Portable PA system range. The good looks are only matched by the excellent sound quality! If you are looking for a portable PA system with wireless microphones and battery and mains operation you have found them - The perfect portable sound system. If you own one of the 2007-2010 Challenger Portable PA systems you can install a "wireless receiver" and convert it to being a slave with one easily installed module. your old microphones are 100% compatible with the new model of Challenger 1000, and your wireless microphone receivers can be moved to the new Challenger 1000D.

Active Slave Speaker for Challenger 1000-D

  • Product Code: C1000-SLAVE
  • U.O.M: ea
  • Price: $1,477.39 (GST Excl.)

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